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Wellness for Organizations

Employee well-being is crucial to the success of any organization. Serving companies and nonprofits throughout the greater Twin Cities area, Body of the Earth's on- and off-site wellness days and retreats are designed to improve employee wellness, boost satisfaction and morale, and retain talent.

Why Wellness?

Improved Employee Health

and Well-being

Boosted Employee

Satisfaction & Morale

Increased Talent




Return for every dollar spent on company wellness programs*

*Johnson & Johnson case study

Customized Services

Wellness Programs Are Perfect for...

Transitioning back to in-person work

with customized, employer-sponsored therapies that prioritize employee physical, mental, and emotional well-being

Improving employee satisfaction and morale

by demonstrating your commitment to whole-person employee health and wellness

Increasing talent retention

without unsustainable pay increases

Ready to Prioritize Employee Wellness?

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