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How do I buzz in?
Enter 208 on the callbox so we can buzz you in!
What are your COVID-19 Policies?
We currently do not require masks be worn in the space. Every practitioner will happily wear a mask for peace of mind- please notate it on your intake for and/or we can also check in as we discuss the day's treatment plan. Our full covid policy can be found here.
Where are you located?
In the Loring Corners building in Loring Park (above Cafe-Bar Lurcat), easily accessed from the door directly across from the pond. The door is up a small set of stairs and has "Loring Corners" and the address 1624 printed on it. (If it helps the entrance is located next to parking meter 18230).

Also there's an ADA accessible entrance if you need to use an elevator (instead of the stairs). Please include this in your booking form in the additional info section. We will give you detailed instructions before your appointment. 
How early should I arrive?
If it your first time to the studio please arrive about 10 minutes early to fill out paperwork. More than 15 minutes early is not recommended as we may still be preparing for your session.
Is there parking?
Parking is metered $1/hour right in front of the studio. During large events this parking is unreliable.

If you're up for a 5 minute walk through Loring Park there is parking along Oak Grove road. Parking can be found along Spruce st, also a 5 min walk, and is free after 6pm.
How does sliding scale work?
When it is time to pay, the practitioner will give you the original total, if you would like to use the sliding scale please let us know- we will give you a range and you can pay whatever is financially comfortable for you!
What if I still need help paying?
Please contact us if you need further financial assistance or have questions!
How do cancellations work?
We understand life happens! We ask that you communicate in a way that considers the time of the practitioners who have set aside time for you! 

Cancellations made 24 hours or more prior to the appointment are not subject to cancellation fees.

If you have been in before, the first cancellation will not be charged. If you have not, the cancellation will be charged at 50% of the full price.
The second cancellation will be charged at 50% of the full price of the service.
After the second cancellation we ask that you prepay your next session (to incentivize you coming in!)
What do I wear during the treatment?
Some modalities and treatments do not require you to undress. For those that do, undressing is completely optional! You can strip all the way down or leave everything on. We understand everyone's experience and history is different and make room to treat accordingly.
Will sensitive areas be worked during the treatment?
Massage can be intimate and can require working with sensitive areas. Consent is absolutely mandatory when working around these areas, we will check in! Consent may be given or withdrawn at any time and we respect and encourage you to communicate that with us. We understand everyone's experience and history is different and make room to treat accordingly.

The same goes for our therapists! We reserve the right to consent and/or withdraw consent from working on you and/or specific areas of the body at any point.
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