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A massage table in a calm a serene room.

About Us

Body of the Earth is a proudly black & queer owned natural, holistic health care clinic featuring hands-on healing therapies and other modalities of therapeutic bodywork, as well as a range of complimentary treatments.  We strive to be attainable for all people and embrace patients of every shape and size, age, and diverse racial, ethnic, cultural, and religious backgrounds.  We treat illness but pride ourselves on being champions of prevention.  We teach lifestyle skills for vitality during all stages of life.  
We offer patient-oriented care for acute and chronic conditions, as well as for general wellness and stress relief.  We foster a holistic approach, considering the body, the mind, and the spirit in tandem.  We work cohesively with conventional Western medicine, and also brilliantly with other complementary and alternative options. All are welcome here.

Our Team

Black man seated and smiling surrounded by green plants.

Crafting spaces for community!

Ty (he/him or any pronoun) is a resident of Minneapolis where he builds his own vibrant community overflowing with loved ones, creation, & inspiration while advancing his professional wellness skillset to best serve his Ikigai (and, in turn, You!). Tyler has no shortage of world experience. His introduction to adult life began in the Navy as an Aviator. After 7 years of service he continued on to the corporate sector & earned his MBA. Through all of that travel & experience,  Ty found himself increasingly on a path of mindfulness & intention. He solidified his own intentions & direction by earning his Massage Practitioner Certification* in 2018. He truly understands the implications that stress can have on a person. His focus in practice is to help the client restore &strengthen the mind/body connection through a broad offering of Therapeutic, Integrative Bodywork approach. TL:DRTyler believes that every individual comes to the table with different needs, goals, & experience.His goal is to join you in your own personal journey towards health & wellness and provide aide however he can, within the scope of his practice.

A black woman sitting and smiling with a cardigan and white shirt on.

Energy through movement. Nurturing the Community

Andréa (she/her) refers to herself as a Community Nurturer. She has a mission to cultivate space where people feel secure, comfortable, and free to express how they would like support as they govern their healing.  Through her experience as a long time Dancer and Capoeirista, Andréa understands the mechanics of the body and is familiar with the various restrictions, blockages, and aches that can arise and inconvenience the trajectory of our daily lives.  Body and energy work has been an intriguing and humbling gift that has surfaced naturally with ease, and with which she has found a deep passion and excitement for while developing and integrating it within the aspects of her movement training.  Though her background in movement encouraged the desire to study energy and body work techniques to provide relief and maintenance to herself and other active beings around her, the other driving force is prioritizing and providing access to this work and other holistic practices to Black bodies who may need care so that they can release and begin to heal from systematic, generational, and individual trauma. 

A person wih dark hair and glasses sitting and smiling.

Blossoming, joyous, warm, whimsical welcome!

Some words from Caspian (they/them): I have trained with Heartwood Institute of Integrative Medicine and Body Intelligence, receiving my craniosacral certificate from Heartwood in 2017. Now I cherish practicing how when we again listen to the quiet voices of body we can again hear the quiet voices in community, so that no person nor no organ needs to be louder than they want to have their message heard. I practice on the homelands of the Dakhóta people and then the HoChunk and Anishinaabe people whose continual care of land means we have a place to meet for craniosacral. My practice is slowly being informed by my heritage practices as I reconnect with my ancestral ways of healing. My ancestors are people who were in relationship with the places that are now known as Sweden, Germany, Czechia, and Hungary. I offer to people of all identities. I cherish being part of people creating time to value their relationships with themselves, so please know that I delight in helping with any barriers to sessions. Sessions can be for prevention or treatment. I value prevention and undoing the medical industrial complex notion that people have to break to receive support. We are all creative people and it is fun to be creative together to tailor your session for you.  I am so deeply grateful for the choices you have made to find yourself here, interested in connecting. Stories are important and the stories we have about our bodies(bodies that we live with), tell our bodies, and the stories our bodies try to tell us are very meaningful. A craniosacral session with me is like having a tea date with your body and the many relationships that you are. Craniosacral is a gentle hands on and fully clothed session that is a time to practice full-body listening and full-body relating while on a massage table. Craniosacral is akin to traditional bone and touch practices, and what-is-now-called chiropractic practices. Craniosacral, however, returns us to slowness. When my hands are on your clothed body, we both listen and wait. Body will make the adjustments needed at the pace that is aligned with wild rhythms. Craniosacral can hydrate myofascia connective tissue, increase fluidity and flexibility, support vitality expression, unwind and uncouple conditioned patterns from authentic embodiment, nourish intuitive living, and support returning to being in relationship with life. The stories that arise from listening in this way can be meaningful information for re-connecting sources of dis-connection. Dis-ease, dis-order, and dis-comfort can arise when communication and relating are blocked, compressed, twisted, or distorted. Feeling more deeply and more fully the relationships that bodies live, and feeling part of those relationships again, can grow into living healing relationships with people, ancestors, blessings, community, helpers, nature, water, dreams, aliveness, creativity, collective liberation, mysteries, and life. When we can feel our aliveness more fully, we can know how to respect the aliveness in all, and we can feel our impact. Creating time to listen with curiosity and compassion to the many relationships and stories that you are is what nourishes personal and collective healing. May you leave each session feeling like your favorite song is dancing alongside of you. 

A black man with a peach colored shirt, smiling with a plant in the background.

Learning from life's journey!

Dakota (he/him) seeks to bring harmony to the body and spirit to individuals from all walks of life, with a focus on the Black population. Recently studied at Northwestern Health Science University with a background in tech, he relishes addressing the problems presented to him. He recognizes that each person and their body is unique in their histories, issues and needs and takes it as an opportunity to learn and about them and see each encounter with new eyes. Practicing Swedish, Therapeutic, Trigger Point therapy, Reiki and more to come, Dakota aims to provide that in a safe, open space in order to help you heal and to facilitate your progress into a more comfortable life. He believes we live in a society deprived of healthy, judgment free touch and wants to change that!


Land Acknowledgement

The sacred land upon which we gather, live, love, and work are the ancestral homelands of the Waȟpékhute (Dakhóta), Anishinabewaki (Ojibwe), and Očeti Šakówiŋ (Sioux) tribes — now called Minnesota, originally Mni Sota Makoce, Dakota for “land where the waters reflect the clouds”. Minneapolis in Dakota is Bdeóta Othúŋwe, “Many Lakes City”, and in Ojibwe called Gakaabikaang, “At the Waterfalls”. 

We acknowledge, honor, and celebrate the original people of this land, who stewarded it for millennia, making countless contributions to the region. We recognize that this is still their home and they continue the relationship with their territory, despite it being unjustly ceded in 1851.

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