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Recommended Practitioners

We honor our mission to support you on your path to wellness, and sometimes the help comes from beyond our studio! The practitioners and practices below support in ways that we cannot and provide excellent complimentary services to ours.

Skin Care (in the studio)

Skin care (located in BOTE studio)

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Venus Beauty Lounge

Black owned and operated. Bringing wellness & beauty together! Skincare & Lashing Services.

Chiropractic Care

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Providing trauma-informed, equitable and accessible chiropractic care to the Minneapolis-St. Paul community. Evren, which translates from Turkish to English as “universe”, is an integrative clinic focused on creating strong, sustainable pain management and prevention solutions within the community so healing can permeate throughout our neighborhoods and cities and be amplified throughout the world and universe. 

Mental Health

Reed & Ember PLLC is Black owned and operated and offers psychotherapeutic services to strengthen the community through healing, discovery, and truth, one person at a time. The focus of our treatment is assisting individual clients’ recovery, and also ensuring the quality of the mental health of the broader community. The individual cannot thrive if the community is suffering.

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Constellation Acupuncture
Healing Arts

At Constellation, we value fair and just treatment of workers and accessible healthcare for all. In line with this, we set our treatment prices accordingly, pay our staff a living wage, and are a no-tipping establishment.

If you feel moved to show gratitude through tipping, consider making a contribution to our Pay-it-Forward Program instead.

The Pay-it-Forward Program funds reduced rate acupuncture appointments for those experiencing financial hardship and Black and Indigenous people and other folks of color.


Hi its me, Nikki and I’m glad so glad you’re here! I am a licensed acupuncturist, herbalist and nutritionist. Most of all I’m committed to helping folks heal and uplifting integrative medicine approaches that center patient care. I’m honored to have studied under many experts over my extensive investigation of healing the body. From herbalists in the mountains of Mexico to functional medicine doctors in local Minneapolis hospitals to countless Chinese Medicine doctors and teachers at Northwestern Health and Sciences University. I have addressed many conditions with this unique and integrative approach, but am especially drawn to working with digestive health, mental health, insomnia and preventative care. The therapies I provide to my patients are always curated to meet their needs and comfort.

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